What You Need to Know about Screen and Digital T Shirt Printing Methods

In terms of t shirt printing, there are two methods that are commonly employed to create a product: digital and screen print. T-shirt companies all around the world actually use the two methods but there is this ongoing debate to determine which of the two the best to choose. For starter, there is no one method more preferable than the other. All comes back to what you need and want; the one method you choose to produce a t-shirt is greatly affected by the kind of product you wish to have at the end of the day. Each method has its own ups and downs. Instead of focusing on the two, you should check out on a t-shirt’s color and materials. These factors determine the printing method you choose to produce the t-shirt you want.

Screen printing is perhaps the oldest method of producing custom t shirt. This method was invented by Simon Matthew Atere-Roberts in 1907 in England. The whole thing begins with the maker making a design and transferring that design onto a sheet of screen utilizing heat. The screen is then applied onto the surface of a t-shirt. Screen printing is a method that is very affordable as you will only need some ink and screen sheets to work with. The quality of the end products is also of high level so it is possible that you can choose this to delve into professional t-shirt-making job. The print design of the t-shirt is also durable for a long period. Producing t-shirts in bulk can be easily handled with screen printing method. But the method does not come without its shortcomings. The obvious thing is that it takes great amount of time to complete a project using this method. As such, projects with fewer quantities are deemed a waste compared to the time required to finish them. The method is also lacking in terms of high-resolution designs.

Digital printing, on the other hand, eliminates the need for a screen to be present. You just download the images you want to appear on a t-shirt and print them directly onto the garment. Consequently, with digital printing method, you can tackle a project of even on piece of t-shirt. But digital printing only works on special fabrics suitable for it. And the time it takes to transfer the image onto the fabrics is much larger, making it a tedious process to complete large-sized projects.